Saturday Dec 13, 2014

The boys; Jeff, Eric and Glen giggling pre or post FGB???

CrossFit Division: Top 10 Stocking Stuffers  for your favorite Crossfitter

1. The Gift of CrossFit- An $199 gift card to join CFDV Elements is redeemable for 6 one hour classes that cover every basic CossFit movement in addition to educational talks at the end of every class. This is the gift that keeps on giving and will no doubt change the life of the person lucky enough to receive it. The gift of fitness.

2. Goat Tape- Perfect for protecting your loved one’s thumbs during their hook grip, Goat Tape is an extra durable brand of tape designed for the abuse of the serious Crossfitter. Also great for taping hands for the pullup bar and wrists during Oly lifts.

3. Gymnastics Grips- Torn hands during pullups, toes to bar, and muscle ups are a Crossfittter’s nightmare. Gymnastics grips are leather pads that strap to you wrist and protect your palms from the rig and rings. Friends don’t let friends tear their hands.

4. Knee Sleeves- A warm and supported knee is a happy knee. Knee sleeves promote blood flow by providing gentle compression and provide great support on any squatting movement. Looking like you favorite games athlete is an added plus.

5. “Becoming a Supple Leopard” by Dr. Kelly Starrett- This is a great “how to” book on improving athletic performance, extending your athletic career, treating body stiffness and achy joints, rehabilitating injuries, and repairing and maintaining a healthy body. Give the gift of good movement and pain free training days.

6. Rx Jump Ropes- Conquer the double under monster with various jump ropes in the industry. Customize the colors it to please any jumper and it comes with its very own case!

7. Hand Care Kit- Assemble your own with a pumice stone, Neosporin, band aids, and a razor blade to shave down thick calluses or try a ready made kit like this one. Keep your friends coming back to the box after those wods that get the best of their hands.

8. Wrist Wraps- Adds stability and injury prevention to the wrist for weight bearing movements like heavy overhead loads on the snatch, jerk, and overhead squat. Give them the extra boost to stay tight for big pr’s.

9. Rumble Roller- Cheaper than a massage gift certificate and far more convenient, The RumbleRoller can be used to loosen up before and after a wod to improve mobility. It was specifically designed to mimic thumb-like massage pressure in order to break up knotted muscle fibers, decrease muscle tension and diminish muscle tightness.

10. Rogue Gift Card- Can’t decide which gift your friend or family member will love? Let them choose with a gift card to Crossfitter heaven aka Rogue Fitness.

Within 40 Minutes: Teams of 4 CRUSH OUT

200- Wallballs 20lbs/14lbs
40- Calories
50- Burpees
40- Calories
50- Burpees
60- Box Jumps
40- Calories
50- Burpees
60- Box Jumps
70- HEAVY DB Snatch
200- Wallballs 20lbs/14lbs

**Remainder time becomes an AMRAP of:
Pullups/Muslce ups/ Bar Muscle ups**
Score is based on number of Pullups/Muscle ups/ Bar Muscle ups you complete as a team


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