Thursday Dec 25, 2014


Happy Holidays- The Box will be closed today

Once again just wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!  And…remind you to enjoy yourself, your family, some food and some downtime with the ones you love!  You will not look back and think, “I really wish I would have hit one more EMOM on Christmas”.  You will more than likely one day look back and wish you had more time with the people you are with this week/weekend.

So, with that.  I am posting several different options.  All simple.  Some don’t even require any equipment.  That way, you can hit it in Mom’s basement really quick and get back to spending the holidays with your crew.

WOD Options

Option #1- Row Half Marathon: 21,097 Meters (a 10k would also be fine…ha ha)

 Option #2: Tabata…no equipment required…
20 Seconds Air Squats
10 Seconds Rest
20 Seconds Push Ups
10 Seconds Rest
20 Seconds Sit Ups
10 Seconds Rest
10 Rounds for Reps

 Option #3: Hotel WOD HELL
100- Squat Clean Thrusters with Dumbbells 50/35
Every minute you must perform 4 Burpees

Option #4: 400 Meters Walking Lunges

 Option #5: Brought your jump rope??
AMRAP in 20 minutes
50- Double Unders
30- Situps
15- Burpees

 Option #6: Push, Pull, or Drag a Sled (or your kids on a Snow Tube) One Mile

 Option#7: Build a SNOWMAN!!! – If we got any snow ;(

Side Notes:

These are NOT meant to be done all in one day!!  Just some options for a few workouts you can hit while at home or in a different type of gym!!


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