Wednesday Dec 31, 2014

Open Gym: 5:00am- 11:00am-

Hey Peeps! POTLUCK New Years Eve OPEN GYM! This Wednesday 5:00am-11:00am! Let’s end off 2014 right!!

“The Spice Girls”
With a running clock, crank out as many rounds and reps of the following:

0:00- 2:00: “Grace” 30- Clean and Jerks #135/#95
2:00- 4:00: REST
4:00- 7:00: “Diane” 21-15-9 Deadlifts #225/#155/ Handstand Pushups
7:00- 10:00: REST
10:00-14:00: “Cindy” AMRAP of 5- Pullups/10-Pushups/15- Air Squats
14:00- 18:00: REST
18:00- 23:00: “Karen” 150- Wallballs #20/#14

**Score is based on how many rounds and reps you complete of these girls!**



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