Wednesday Jan 7, 2015

For Time:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Jerk #155/#105
2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20 Pullups
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Compare to:

Keep it simple!

CrossFit Division: December 2014 Committed Club : That’s right here is the list for the Committed Club for the month of December 2014 . To make the Committed Club you need to signup and attend 10 or more classes a month through our Online Scheduling program- Mind and Body. Nice work everyone!  Committed Club for November:


                Athlete Total Visits
Turcotte, Luke 10
Lazarevic, Vuk 10
Vanwynsberghe, Brad 10
Uberig, Katie 10
Heimpel, Jeff 10
Vines, Danielle 10
Vines, Ryan 10
Jardine, Eric 10
Nutter, Brian 11
Turner, Terri 11
Moisey, Lesley 11
Pantin, Samantha 12
Gateman, Mitch 12
Griffiths, Mike 12
Velikov, Aleks 12
Moore, Maynard 13
Dean, Patrick 13
Collison, Peter 14
Fawcett, Cindy 14
Brenton, Jeff 15
Urosevic, Rachael 15
Velikov, Dimi 15
Eakins, Leslie 16
Plager, Jeff 16
Williams, Jamar 16
Brenton, Tara 17
Garcia, Santos 18
Velikov, Deana 18
Noack, Jason 19
McDowell, Kate 20



5 thoughts on “Wednesday Jan 7, 2015

  1. Well I won’t be able to use my arms for the next few days that’s for sure! lol
    Beat my time last I did this by 3:16min so it’s worth it 🙂 .
    Fun one!

  2. After my shoulder injury in May, and then re hurting at the Team Throwdown Showdown I gave myself the rest of 2014 not to do any pullups! So its now 2015 and first day back on the bar, scaled to 1-10 reps it still 55 pullups chin over then bar every rep. pretty pumped.
    75lb Jerks I think my time was 17:34.
    Awesome 4:30pm Misfit class with Ms.B

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