Sunday Feb 15, 2015


For 6 Months starting on Wednesday April 1, 2015- September 1, 2015- Sharon and I would like you guys to write down on a piece of paper- 5 things that you feel would make you a better person and you get to decide what your better is!

We want you to write down those things, realities that by your estimation mean that you are a better person. You can take “better” on any sense. It can be about anything, triglycerides, any health markers, a better husband, better wife- You just decide for yourself what it is that would make you better – we are going to write it down, seal it up and Sharon and I will hide it from you, put in a box and in 6 months you are going to open it up.

Good Nutrition, good exercise and improved lifestyle choices make everything that’ s critical to your well being, BETTER

8:30am- Yoga 🙂
9:30am- CrossFit WOD


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