Sunday April 26, 2015

ITS HERE!!! SUPER Pumped for our CrossFit Division Teens Strength and Condition program


A strength and conditioning program specifically tailored for young athletes of all levels. Learn the foundation of functional fitness while increasing strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Learn to lift safely and effectively.
Learn to train efficiently.
Train with a great group of people in a fun and positive environment!

Who: Ages 13-17

When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5:45pm

Where: CrossFit Division – 505 Conestogo Road Unit 8, Waterloo

Pricing: 15$ drop-in OR 90$+tax/month

Coach: Rachael Urosevic – L1 CrossFit Trainer, Ex-Varsity Athlete

Questions? Contact Rachael at e-mail

9:30am- CrossFit WOD
11:30am- Olympic Lifting

CrossFit Total

1 Rep Max Back Squat
1 Rep Max Press
1 Rep Max Deadlift

 As a refresher to all, here are the rules:

1) You get 3 lift attempts per exercise.
2) These attempts are made using weight amounts that you set.
3) You count the highest successful weight amount that you lifted per exercise.
4) The sum of those 3 numbers is your Total score.



3 thoughts on “Sunday April 26, 2015

  1. CrossFit Total is always fun, but after being in boxes for over 4 years, I’m still amazed by how eager and excited everyone is to cheer on everyone else and help the group, as a whole, achieve the best possible results. Speaking of which, congratulations to everyone who PRed this morning…and we should all learn to celebrate our PRs by watching Brad. That was impressive.

    Press: 135
    Back Squat: 305
    Deadlift: 365

  2. Sunday was a Great Day at the CrossFit Division Box!!

    New CrossFit Total:
    * Back Squat 450# New PR
    * Strict Press 205# Tied PR
    * Deadlift 515# New PR
    Total 1170#

    Thanks to everyone there on Sunday for the support and all the comments from everyone since.

    Coach Will lead a great Snatch Clinic in the afternoon with lots of technique queues and exercises. PR’d my snatch at 195# the next day. Definitely a worthwhile clinic.

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