Friday May 1, 2015

Spring Schedule starts today 🙂 

Part 1. Squat Cleans+Jerks Complex
2-Squat Cleans+ 1-Jerk
1-Squat Clean+1-Jerk
2- Squat Cleans+1- Jerk
1- Squat Clean+1- Jerk
* Increase load after each set
Part 2. Deadlifts:
Work up to a HEAVY set of 3 Reps, drop the loading 10%-15% and then go for MAX reps

Box Brief:
Sunday May 10, 2015 at 11:30am- 1:30pm:
Olympic Weightlifting workshops- $20.00 drop ins- 2- 3 weeks in duration
Sunday May 31, 2015- 9:30am- Bring a Friend Day
Saturday June 20, 2015- Sunday June 21, 2015– CrossFit Gymnastics Trainers Course:


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