Saturday May 9, 2015

Hummm…. I wonder what Sharon is saying to Jamar?

Class Divides into 2 Teams
 AMRAP 20 Minutes:
50- Meter Prowler Push
100- Meter Sandbag Carry (40/20)
200 Meter Sprint

In a relay fashion, the teams form a single file line each.
Athlete 1 starts with the 50 meter prowler.
As soon as that athlete returns, he or she moves onto the 100 meter sandbag.
Athlete 2 can then start the prowler… and so forth.

Post Scores to Comments.

Box Brief:
Sunday May 31, 2015- Bring a Friend Day- 9:30am
Saturday June 20, 2015- Sunday June 21, 2015– CrossFit Gymnastics Trainers Course:
Saturday June 27, 2015- 


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