Sunday June 21, 2015


Leif and Drew getting some fitness 🙂

Box Brief:
8:30am- Yoga with Shanna
9:30am-11:30am- OPEN GYM

For Time:
2000 Meter Row + “Death by Burpees”

*The WOD will begin on the rower. Then, at the 1 minute mark jump off the rower and complete 1 Burpee, then hop back on the rower and start rowing as far as possible before 2 minute mark. Once the clock shows 2 minutes, you must get off the rower, complete 2 Burpees, then return to the rower to get as many meters as possible before the 3 minute mark. Like minute 2, you must get off the rower at the 3 minute mark and perform 3 Burpees before getting back to the rower. Continue this pattern until you complete 2000 meters of rowing.


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