Tuesday July 14, 2015

***CFD Teens Strength and Conditioning Camp***

Dates: July 27th-31st, August 10th-14th

When: 3:30pm-5:30pm

Where: CrossFit Division, 505 Conestogo Road, Unit 8, Waterloo

What: Sport specific training, power lifting, olympic lifting and gymnastic fundamentals, nutrition 101, proper recovery, daily workouts.

Ages: 14-18

Price: $125 per athlete

Instructor: Rachael Urosevic

For one week, athletes will learn and participate in an array of physical activities. Daily sessions will teach the basics of power lifting, olympic lifting, gymnastics, plyometrics and the most important: basic body mechanics. On top of daily physical tasks, athletes will be taught how and why strength training is important and how they should incorporate it into training for sport. Lastly, the fundamentals of nutrition, rest and recovery will be a commonly addressed subject. Throughout the week, each athlete will learn through movement and interaction with other athletes in a healthy and fun gym environment.

For registration or further inquiry, please contact: info@crossfitdivision.com



50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 Reps:

Abmat Sit-Ups
200 Meter Run after each round.

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