Wednesday Sept 23, 2015


Starting at 7:30pm  Learn to eat great tasting food until your satisfied and still achieve your goals of looking and feeling great!
The Whole Foods-Balanced DIET will improve your performance and long-term health!

Attend this 1-hour workshop to learn how to adopt the Whole Foods-Balanced DIET for your life. CrossFit Division Staff will be discussing how to practically implement the Whole Foods into your lifestyle.
All workshops at CFD are OPEN to everyone! An outline with diet materials and links for additional study will be provided.

Contact Sharon with any questions:

Teams of 3
3 Rounds:
75- Front Squats
50- Bench Presses
For both movements, Rx loading is the average body weight of the team.
Post Teams and Times to Comments.

Box Brief:
Fall Schedule starts on Monday October 5, 2015


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