Tuesday Nov 10, 2015


Santos and Dayne


Let’s face it… CrossFit can look intimidating at first- the barbells, the muscle ups, the handstands- it all screams out “I can’t do this” especially to the newbie who has walked in to the gym for the first time. Sometimes the beautiful things about CrossFit get left out of the videos and social media posts- the community, the high fives, the smiles that come after you’ve done something you never thought was possible.

I want you remember one very important thing..

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Quash all those insecurities you have that you might not be ready for CrossFit. Let our Coaches show you that you CAN do it. I promise you that your first step in to the gym will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself.

5 Rounds:
3- Deadlifts (Heavy as possible)
Max Handstand Pushups (Kipping allowed)
Post loading reps to comments

Box Brief:
Sunday Nov 15, 2015- Family Day at the Box
Tuesday Nov 17, 2015- Bring a Friend Day All classes are free to try!
Saturday Nov 21, 2015- Gymnastics Workshop 12:15pm-2:15pm


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