Wednesday Jan 6, 2016

December 2015- Athlete of the month- Tracy Pickard

How long have you been at CrossFit Division? What pushed you to come for the first time?
I joined CrossFit Division about 6 months ago at the end of June! My best friend trains at Hydra CrossFit in Stratford and spoke highly about the atmosphere, community, and workouts. I wanted to try something different. I have always loved group classes at the gym, but was finding that I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. So, I checked out a few different boxes and quickly knew that Division would be the place for me even if I was beyond nervous to join. My time at CFD has far surpassed my expectations and I truly look forward to every workout, a completely new feeling for me. Working out no longer feels like a chore, except for when it is a “surprise” 200 wall ball workout.
What does a day in the life of Tracy look like outside of being a rockstar Crossfitter?
I am definitely not a morning person. I wish I could work out in the morning, but I love sleeping far too much. I teach Kindergarten – so the typical day involves hanging out with 4 and 5 year olds which is pretty awesome. I go into school early so that I can leave after school to make the 4:30 CrossFit class. When I’m not at school or CrossFit – I’m at home cooking, hot tubing, crushing seasons of shows on Netflicks, or spending time with friends and family. 

If you could go to any concert, go backstage, and party all night with any artist (dead or alive) which one would you go to?
 Lil Wayne…in Las Vegas . Favourite artist, favourite city. He’s a lyrical genius and absolutely knows how to party.
It would be great if Britney Spears joined him, I’m also a closet Britney fan.

Maybe a little more realistic… if you could sing one song to us to fire us UP for the workout, what would you sing?

 Hustlin’ by Rick Ross. Such a great pump up tune!

Give us a fun-fact about Tracy that no one may guess… something not even the 4:30 class knows! 
 I haven’t missed an Oktoberfest since I turned 19. It is officially my favourite holiday. I secretly wish I was German since I love drinking, meat, and polka music.

Tracy, your positivity and enthusiasm is absolutely incredible. You have been such a great addition to the family of CrossFit Division. Your progress in 2015 was awesome – and here’s to what we can accomplish in 2016.

Part 1. Front Squats: Build to a Heavy Set of 3 reps
Part 2. 4 Rounds:
Minute 1: 7- Front Squats (70%)
Minute 2: 50- Double Unders
Minute 3: 7- Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups


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