Friday April 1, 2016

April Athlete of the month: Tara B

Tell us the story of how you started. What were your initial thoughts when considering coming to CFDV?
I’ve always liked to work out and keep active; however, after 3 years doing an outdoor co-ed boot camp in the park by our house, I was ready for a change…plus winter isn’t all that conducive for an outdoor boot camp .  Our friends Chris and Amy Kube convinced both Jeff and I to give Crossfit Division a try to keep active over the winter months. 
After watching some videos of the Xfit Games, I was more than a little intimidated to say the least, but was willing to give it a try….especially since the Kube’s had explained how awesome the CFD community was.

What was your first workout? And even better, first reaction to the workout?

LOL!!! I can’t even remember what I did yesterday let alone my first workout over 2 years ago.  With that said, one of my first team WOD’s is engrained in my head (who knows, could very well have been my first WOD ever coming out of Elements).  It was down to the line and it was all up to me to pound out the row.  Felt like the entire box was around me cheering me on, and all I could think was “I might vomit and why the hell am I doing this to myself?”  Strangely enough, I was hooked from that moment on and now challenge myself to NEVER be the last one to finish a WOD.

How did your nutrition challenge go this past time around (Whole Life Challenge) ? Rumor has it you made some amazing changes.

Both times I’ve done the WLC, I have learned a lot about myself, have seen some great changes mentally and physically and have also had to tackle some mental and physical demons.  I continually strive to live that way of life…albeit, it’s quite hard when you’re only competing against yourself and not others (I know it’s not a competition Sharon , but I’m competitive).  I actually like to think that one of the most amazing changes round 2 was not in myself, but in one of my close friends Jeff and I convinced to sign up with me.  Having little to no knowledge of nutrition or exercise, he jumped in head first, educated himself and introduced exercise in his life for the first time EVER.  He’s still making amazing progress and his life has changed….I’m so proud that Jeff and I were able to help motivate and be present for this dramatic lifestyle change.

Tell us about a day in the life of Tara B.

Oh man, I’m all over the place.  Some days I’m lucky enough to start the day off right with a great 7:30am WOD, followed by a day in the office writing environmental impact studies, or heading out to do field work.  While other days I’m up at the ass crack of dawn doing bird surveys, trekking through forests and wetlands….and then hopefully finishing off my day with my evening WOD peeps.

We’re making a band. And you’re in it. What instrument are you playing? And what are we calling ourselves?!

Definitely the banjo….oh, or the accordion could be fun.  Everyone likes a little creepy deep -south banjo jingle, or a knee slapping accordion pub jig.  Band name “Two-Steppin’ Bentley Gang” (lol…I don’t even like country but that seems catchy right?)

“Tara B” WOD. What would it be?

I love (and also hate) Metcons!  I love givin’er, getting a great sweat on, mixing it up with multiple movements, experiencing some physical (and often mental) exhaustion and feeling like I’ve accomplished something at the end of the torture.
Tell us an insider secret that no one would guess about Tara. Are you Superwomen?
I am actually a vampire slaying, acrobatic ninja, but good guess .  Bet everyone wondered why they felt so safe from neck suckers while walking the KW streets at night.  When I’m not out making our streets safer, I love singing Disney tunes at the top of my lungs with the windows wide open.

AMRAP 10:00 Minutes
10- Power Cleans #115/#80
10- Wallballs
Post total completed rounds and additional reps to comments


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