Tuesday April 26, 2016


With a running clock from 0:00-10:00 Minutes perform:
With a group, share 1 bar and rotate through if possible
1- Power Clean
2- Power Cleans (touch n go)
3- Power Cleans (touch n go)
4- Power Cleans (touch n go)
…keep going as long as you can hold onto the bar. Choose a weight you think you can get through 5. Rotate with your partners.

10:00- 12:00 Minutes: REST

At 12:00 Minutes, perform the following for time:
40- Calories on Airdyne
30- Box Jumps
20- GHD Situps/Toes-Bar or AbMat Situps
10- Power Cleans #185/#135
20- GHD Situps/Toes-Bar or AbMat Situps
30- Box Jumps
40 Calories on Airdyne
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