Wednesday June 1, 2016

we all know that Beeeee loves thrusters! 🙂

Part 1.10 Rounds of:
10- Thrusters #95/#65*
10- Burpees Over the Box 20″
* Use a different piece of equipment then what you are used to*
– Kettlebells
– Dumbells
– Sandbags
– Atlas Stones

Part 2. Alternating Tabata
Pistol Squats
Hollow Rocks
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12 thoughts on “Wednesday June 1, 2016

  1. 20:20 switched up the thrusters every round using sandbags, DB, kettle bells, barrbell, and attempted using the atlas stone it was a sweatfest this morning great wod! #justkeepmoving #keepuptojman

  2. Followed suit played around with barbell, dumbbell and KB thrusters this morning!

  3. Advice before workout: pick a pace and keep going for the workout.
    How the workout actually went: picked a pace and slowly died a little inside as each round kept getting a little bit slower, ending in 30:39

  4. Sooo… I tried to do this by myself today at a global gym…I did 2 rounds. Like thats all, I just didnt do any more. I need my people back!!

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