Thursday June 2, 2016

2:00 Minutes: Handstand Hold (cumulative…free standing)

30 Rounds for Time
1- Deadlift- 80% of 1RM

1- Muscle Up
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23 thoughts on “Thursday June 2, 2016

  1. Great to workout with the nooners today. Love lifting heavy again – 405 deadlifts with pull-ups and ring-dips. Thanks for the help coach Greg.

  2. WOW! Another early morning grind of a WOD! Pushed it today on the Deads #455 went strict MU until around round 20…I’m with K8 much much longer then JP!


  3. Super fun times with the 7:30am crew!
    Fun watching Jamar kill those deads…oh and muscle ups…
    #185 plus one strict banded pull up and a muscle up transition
    Our clock stopped at 40 mins….so I guess 40 mins 😉

  4. Nooners are strong. And fast! CFD is getting yoked for summer for sure.
    I didn’t think I had a 2 minute wall walk hold in me! Made that first deadlift fun haha
    #225 for 21 Rounds with transition + strict dip. Dropped some weight for the last 9 but added an extra ring dip in for good measure 😉
    Thanks coach Greg for the fun class!

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