Friday July 29, 2016

The Gang holding heavy objects!

With a running Clock starting at 0:00-17:00 Minutes “Fight Gone Bad”
3 Rounds for Total Reps

1:00 Minute: Wallballs 20/14
1:00 Minute: Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75/55
1:00 Minute: Box Jump 20″
1:00 Minute: Push Press 75/55
1:00 Minute: Row for Calories
1:00 Minute: Rest

At 20:00 Minutes: For Time
10- Power Snatch #185/#125

10- Power Snatch #205/#135
10- Power Snatch #225/#145
Post total number of reps for FGB and loading used for the Snatches

Box Brief:
Sunday July 31, 2016- Yoga will be cancelled
Monday Aug 1, 2016- Civic Holiday OPEN GYM from 5:00am-11:00am


3 thoughts on “Friday July 29, 2016

  1. Ah, Fight Gone Bad. A classic CrossFit warmup. I really, really wanted 300 on FGB, but ended up with 294. I guess it’s something to aim for next time.

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