Thursday Aug 4, 2016

Pete smashing out some heavy-ish back squats

AMRAP in 30:00 Minutes
3- Back Squat (Heavy)
6- Defecit HSPU (Deep)
9- Burpees
Post loading/total rounds and additional reps to comments


7 thoughts on “Thursday Aug 4, 2016

  1. This was such a good workout! Was 2 HSPU into my 10th. Did 4 Rounds at #175 then built up to the last 2 rounds at #195. And never before have a done deficit HSPU like that before. Was great having Jeff push me and Greg encourage me to keep going. I don’t even remember doing the burpees haha

  2. The WODs have been so much fun this week (in a horrible, sweaty kind of way). I did 9 rounds at 245, but subbed decline pushups in for hspu.

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