Thursday Aug 18, 2016

Simone Findlay: August Athlete of the Month

1. Victory song…. Started from the bottom by Drake.. or anything Drake for that matter huge fan 🙂

2. I joined CFD November of 2014. To be very honest my first experience was a little scary LOL! My main focus of joining crossfit was to get active and healthy again, and also to lose weight. When I first joined I had just had two kids back to back, and wasn’t really allowed to be active during my last pregnancy because of complications that arose; so during my first few elements classes I found myself a tad overwhelmed. I just remember saying to myself how on earth am I going to learn all these technical movements and then do these movements with additional weight added. Seemed a bit impossible first few classes, but then as time went on all the movements became second nature and doing the WODS were so much FUNN!! There is no better environment to get some fitness in than here at crossfit division. Every single coach is beyond motivating and every single time I come in there is always a new challenge for me to face, something to improve on or an area to build more strength in. I thoroughly enjoy my time spent there 🙂

3. A day in the life of Simone requires two full cups of coffee per day LOL! I work full time running my dads local courier company. He has retired and now I completely run the show. I complete all the office work from billings to taxes to payroll to anything at all required when running your own business. Then I dispatch all the delivery calls to the drivers from Mon- Fri. Doing this allows me to work from home most of the time, and so while I do all of that I take care of my 3 children. One of those children is my husband LMAO!! the other is my 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son. Yes I have ALOT of patience, or well at least I have no choice to with a diva x toddler x terrible twos x needy husband LOL. And after all of that on weekends I find time to drink wine with my favourite fellow crossfit member Lacie groffen LOL!!

4. If I could have one meal for the rest of my life it would have to be PIZZA!!! and any kind of pizza I love them all 🙂 most recently I tried a shawarma pizza, best thing in life if you like shawarma on its own 🙂 But you cant go wrong with a good pizza.

5. Of course I would rather be 3 feet taller! self explanatory if you have seen me, as I am only 5’2 now and I feel to be 3 feet shorter would make rowing much harder and wall balls such a struggle LOL!!

6. First of all, let me say that if it was a zombie apocalypse I would be extremely freaking out! I do not watch scary movies nor do I even watch scary movie commercials, I change the channel, I am not about the horror movie life LOL. So if it was a zombie apocalypse there is a good chance I would have a panic attack and not even make it out the house. However, if in some event I do I am taking my family, food and a weapon of some sort to fight off any zombies I encounter on the way OUT THE COUNTRY LMAO!!
Keep up the GRIND Simone!!!

Teams of 3:

AMRAP 7:00 Minutes: Back Squats
50- Reps #135/#95
50- Reps #185/#135
Max Reps #225/#155
3 Minute Rest
AMRAP 7:00 Minutes: Bench Press
50- Reps #135/#95
50- Reps #155/#105
Max Reps #185/#135
3 Minute Rest
AMRAP 7:00 Minutes
50- Calories on Airdyne
50- Reps: Box Jump Overs
Max Reps: Burpees
3:00 Minute Rest
AMRAP 7:00 Minutes: Power Snatches
50- Reps #135/#95
50- Reps #155/#105
Max Reps #185/#135
*Partition reps as needed*
Post total completed reps to comments


2 thoughts on “Thursday Aug 18, 2016

  1. That was an excellent WOD. There’s no way I would have pushed myself to go as quickly as I did if this hadn’t been a partner WOD.

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