Wednesday Sept 14, 2016


10x 200-meter sprints
Switch between running and rowing
Rest as needed between efforts.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Sept 14, 2016

  1. I did 5 200 meter runs, 4 rows and 1 Airdyne. Runs were around 30-33 seconds, Rows were 34-37 seconds and the Airdyne was the most miserable thing I’ve done in a long, long time. 31 seconds for the 20 calories followed by 10 minutes of not being able to stand up and hiding out in the change room 🙂

  2. The runs and rows felt somewhat manageable, although my times started decreasing after the the first 4 sets. Then I did the Airdyne, and that brought about a whole new world of SUCK! From then on it was about breathing during the work. Finished off the last set on the Airdyne and felt it wd never hit 20 cal! Was feeling the lactic acid burn from set 5 onwards.

    Miserable to do, amazing to get through. Glad I made it in.

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