Thursday Oct 6, 2016


10 rounds for time of:
3- Deadlifts * You choose your own loading- approx 85% of you 1RM- Heavy and Confident
1- Back tuck/ Back flip/Skin the Cat
Post loading used and times to comments


2 thoughts on “Thursday Oct 6, 2016

  1. Great WOD today!! I had a peek at the website last night before bed and Youtube’d what “Skin the Cat” was. I was skeptical that was it was in my bag of fitness. I completed the progressions that Coach Rach set out for me and by Rd 8 thru10 I was completing the move on the bar and was able to do it off the rings too. I would never have thought that my 39 year body would be able to complete such a task. I know that my 29 year body wouldn’t have. Thanks for all the support and training CFD. Loving it!!!
    #295 DL
    10 Skin the Cat
    time 10:38

  2. First time with the 6am crew….good energy all around! Didn’t push it too much with the dl…#195 and 10 skinned cats (or whatever), 2 on the bar, 8 on the rings. Wanted to get a few backflips done but chickened out. Next time. Good morning of work, feel like i’ve accomplished something already today.

    Coach Rach was great…yells so much less than Dave 🙂

    #notesarcasm #FITNESSSSSSS

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