Friday Oct 21, 2016

“Doing all the right things, for all the right people, for all the right reasons.”

Little things aren’t always little things.

I’ve been a member of a few different boxes, and CFD is different. It’s the way the coaches always greet us by name when we step inside the gym. It’s the way the coaches are always willing to stick around after a class to answer questions. It’s the way you guys listen and genuinely care about things that aren’t fitness related. It’s the way you guys take suggestions for songs on playlists. It’s the way you guys make sure we take weight off and correct our form, even when we give you crap in the moment, to ensure that we stay safe.

You guys haven’t just created a CrossFit box, you’ve created a community…a community of really great people. And that makes sense, because “like attracts like”.

You always deflect our thank you’s and say that we do all the work. But you guys do all of these little things, and on some days they are much, much bigger things than you probably realize. So thank you…for everything. – Greg Albert

Rounds for time of:
5- Power Cleans #155/#105
10- Walking Lunges
Post times and loadings to comments


4 thoughts on “Friday Oct 21, 2016

  1. Did this in my garage today. Not sure if I interpreted exactly as intended but I did 10 rounds of 5 power cleans @155 and 10 walking lunges with no weight (5 per leg). My time was 8:25

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