Tuesday Nov 1, 2016

What style of Rope Climb do you prefer? Legless/S-wrap/J-Hook/L-shape?

OTM for 24:00 Minutes
Minute #1- 20/15 Calorie row
Minute # 2- 1 Rope Climb+ Pushups in remaining time
Minute# 3- REST
*Score is based on number of pushups you collectively achieve*


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Nov 1, 2016

  1. Great workout!
    Didn’t think my legs would hold out from yesterdays squat storm (!!!) but as always, amazing coaching pushed me to my max……annnnnnddd then we had a Dave special…. A “treat” as he likes to call it!!! Yeah love you Dave…(said in my very britsh accent dripping in sarcasm!!! 😜😜😉😁)

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