Tuesday Nov 22, 2016

Eric and Virginia with pretty much EVERY Stud at the CrossFit Invitational.. Can you name them all???

OTM for 30:00 Minutes
Minute 1: 15/10 Calorie- Airdyne
Minute 2: 5- Strict handstand pushups/seated strict DB press
Minute 3: 3- Touch n Go Power Cleans (80%)
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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Nov 22, 2016

  1. note to self….always post before Dave…..that way my 3 handstand pushups for 5 rounds seems like a bigger deal!

    5am today….enough said.
    #115 for the cleans, 15 cals for first 6 rounds then scaled a bit when I started running out of time. Did way more handstand pushups that i thought I could…so that was nice.

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