Thursday Dec 1, 2016


Part 1. OTM for 14:00 Minutes
Odd Minutes: 10- Chest to Bar Pullups
Even Minutes: 16- Alternating Pistol Squats
Modify number of repetition to go unbroken with.

Part 2. Spend 20 Minutes working on:
Handstand holds/pushups/walking and heavy sled pulls
*Focus on quality of movement and not quantity

Box Brief:

Friday Dec 2, 2016- Holiday Party- The Bauer Kitchen- 7:30pm until……


6 thoughts on “Thursday Dec 1, 2016

  1. Slow day today, not as intense as the past few days Dave said.
    #dyingbutjustinadifferentway… what I say!!!! 😉
    ( although it was bloody great fun!!!)
    Loved the sledge race #120. Thanks JV!!!!

  2. I was thinking of skipping today’s class, since it was a couplet involving two movements I couldn’t do. I’m so glad I went today, though, because I got my first kipping pull-ups and strung together eight of them. Thanks so much to Greg and Mitch for the pointers that finally hit home today.

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