Monday Dec 12, 2016

13581900_1091918057533347_3988507493149622645_oHappy Birthday Jamar!

4 Rounds:
5- Ring Muscle-ups
10- Squat Snatches #95/#65
15- Box Jump-overs
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3 thoughts on “Monday Dec 12, 2016

  1. Really good, but deceiving. Definitely increased work capacity a bit….though sucked wind pretty hard.

    2 rounds of burpee chest (almost) to bar, then 2 just plain old burpees. Snatch felt pretty good throughout, #65. And then the boxes. I think I scaled the box for the last round…. i don’t remember.

    Solid workout. Definitely snacked a little humility back into me. Don’t worry Dave….no pukes. 🙂 There’s only 1 in 400 trillion who could’ve done the workout like that….and I friggin’ nailed it!

    HBD Jamar!

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