Monday Jan 16, 2017

Yoga tonight with Shanna at 7:30pm, be there or be square!

AMRAP 15:00 Minutes
30- Wallballs 20lbs/14lbs
20- Power Snatch #75/#55
5- Ring muscle-ups/10 chest-bar pullups
Post total rounds and additional reps to comments

Choose one of the following:
A. 5 Sets of 50 Unbroken DU
B. 6 Sets of 30 Unbroken DU
C. 7 Sets of 20 Unbroken DU
D. 8 Sets of 10 Unbroken DU
E. 5:00 of Double-Under Practice, for total repetitions.
Rest as little as needed between sets. 5:00 time cap on each.
Not for score. For practice.


5 thoughts on “Monday Jan 16, 2017

  1. Big thanks gang for letting me jump in with you guys tonight- that was a great push and a heck of a WOD! Thank you to the Sharon Parsons for always keeping me in check when I decide to act up a little in her classes !;)
    4 Rounds plus 8 wallballs- Rx

  2. 2 rounds + 10 wallballs. VERY tough after a week off……
    Finished the night with Shanna and some & some serious yoga moves!

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