Saturday May 6, 2017


Teams of 2:
100- Calorie Row/Bike
100- Box Jump Overs

100- Deadlifts #185/#125
100- Wallballs 
100- Burpees
100- Wallballs 
100- Deadlifts #185/#125
100- Box Jump Overs 
100- Calorie Row/Bike
Today’s workout is a team version 2014 Regionals Event 6. This “chipper” format is a classic workout structure in CrossFit. You complete each movement in order before moving to the next. This is designed so that as one movement fatigues, you move to the next one that has a different demand. There will be a cumulative effect, but the variety allows you to keep moving through for an increased metabolic effect.

Box Brief
Olympic Weightlifting Workshop- Sunday May 7, 2017- 11:00am-1:30pm
Bring a Friend Day- Tuesday May 9, 2017- All Classes free to try for new athletes


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