Thursday June 8, 2017

Mr Vuk

“Body Armor” sessions will build durability into our foundation. Through routine exposure to a varying lineup of strength-building exercises, we will layer on “body armor” on a weekly basis. It’s end result is an athlete with raw work capacity, which we will form and shape into our competition movements we see in the Open. What we will also find is that is greatly improves injury prevention, strengthening the body in ways we don’t typically train. These “giant sets” are not for time, but we will strive to move from exercise to exercise without rest between. Our rest takes place between sets.

Move through this with a purpose. These are not traditional conditioning sets, but the value lies in our approach to these sets – let’s make ourselves work.

3 Sets, Not for Time:

Max Strict Pull-Ups
15- Dumbbell Bench Press
20- AbMat Situps/GHD Situps
25- Hip Extensions
200 Meter Kettlebell Carry*
– On the KB Carry, change our positioning of the KB’s every 50 meters. Choose a load that allows each 50 meter segment below to be completed unbroken.
0-50m – At the hang (“Farmers Carry”)
50-100m – Front Rack position
100-150m – At the hang
150-200m – Front Rack position
On our “Giant Sets”, we are looking to move from station to station with as little rest as possible. Rest as needed between sets, but aim to not exceed more than 3:00. On the pull-ups, band as required in order to find 5+ repetitions per round. On the bench press, this should be a moderate load that allows for 15 repetitions unbroken each round. Challenging, but doable for all three rounds. On the 200 meter carry, choose kettlebells that allow you to complete the course with at most (1) break.


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