Wednesday Aug 30, 2017

Athlete WOD brief during our Annual Throwdown Showdown Competition

Spend 12:00 Minutes to build up to a heavy: 3-Position Clean + Split Jerk Complex:
1 High Hang Power Clean (mid-thigh)
1 Hang Power Clean (knee-level)
1 Power Clean (from the floor)
Finish with a single Split Jerk
Followed by:
4 Rounds of “Tabata” at each station.
Station 1 – Box Jump Overs
Station 2 – Deadlifts #155/#105
Station 3 – Box Jump Overs
tation 4 – Deadlifts #155/#105
A single “Tabata” round consists of :20s on, :10s off.

Repeat this timing scheme for a total of (4) times at first the box jump overs, and then move directly into the deadlifts for another (4) rounds. The final :10s off after the final box jump round is our time to transition. In full, this is an 8:00 conditioning piece.


12 thoughts on “Wednesday Aug 30, 2017

  1. 105 then ran out of time but felt good.

    Pt 2 -#105
    Deads 10-10-10-10
    BJO 6-7-7-7
    Deads 10-10-10-10
    BJO 7-7-8-9 thanks to Brad for the extra race 😉

    Fun wod… way better than the past two days lol

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