Friday Sept 8, 2017

Eric… or Superman!???

In Teams of 2,
Every 8:00 Minutes for 40:00 Minutes (5 Rounds)
Round 1: 125/75 Calories Bike
Round 2: 10 Rounds Alt, with partner: 3 Burpee Box Jump overs+10 Wallballs
Round 3: 125/75 Calories Bike
Round 4: Find a heavy Single Snatch
Round 5: 125/75 Calories Bike
Post scores to comments


8 thoughts on “Friday Sept 8, 2017

  1. Fun wod simply because I had a fun partner!!! I really thought it would be better as a partner wod instead you push harder lol. Definitely more rest than when you do it alone….but you need it haha!

  2. Had a great partner this morning! Lots of fun with coach Dave in the 6am class!

    Is it weird that I liked the Assault Bike in this workout? Oh, and of course the wallballs 😉 #NoOneCaresWorkHarder

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