Friday Oct 20, 2017

“Nate D-O-Double G”

In Teams of 2
1 Mile Run (run together)
2km Row (switch every 500m)
4km Bike (switch every 1KM) 
20 Rounds, Alternating with partner

15- Wallballs
1- Rope Climb
Post scores to comments 


13 thoughts on “Friday Oct 20, 2017

  1. The wallballs really added up towards the end, but another great workout.

    Had an awesome partner in Allison and we finished in 42 minutes flat.

  2. Spicy 🌶 wod for sure!!! I wanted to do it because I don’t love really long grinding wods generally. I obviously got sucked in by the rope climbs and the rest was just the price I had to pay to do my favourite thing
    Shae was as always an amazing partner and stuck with me through my first one mile run in years 🙂
    43:36 we finished
    Thanks coach Will for the tips and surprisingly tough warm up 😂 #myshouldersaresosore

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