Thursday Nov 2, 2017


Part 1. 7 Sets of:
30/20 Calorie Bike or 50/35 Calorie Row

Rest 1:00 between sets
Post times to comments

Part 2. For Quality, 3 Sets:
:20s L-Sit Holds
:30s Wall-Facing HS Hold
:40s Double-KB Static Squat Holds 
Rest as needed between sets.

Box Brief:
Thursday Nov 9, 2017 – Bring a Friend Day- All classes are free to try for new Athletes


6 thoughts on “Thursday Nov 2, 2017

  1. This little “flush” was hard. I did part 1 on the bike. I picked an RPM and tried to stick with it for the entire 7 rounds. I was able to hold onto between 65 and 70 RPM for the entire 7 rounds. Part 2 was hard – probably more so because of the previous few days WODs starting to take their toll.

  2. Great Hustle today with the 9:30am crew- thanks Rob and Will for letting me jump in with ya and to Coach T for a lovely FUN Warmup!
    Part 1.
    Round 1- 1:43
    Round 2- 1:37
    Round 3- 1:37
    Round 4- 1:35
    Round 5- 1:31
    Round 6- 1:27
    Round 7- 1:10
    Part 2. Was AWESOME Effective Midline work!

  3. Wow, this one got super gnarly in the middle to late rounds. T had a great warmup today, lots of fun.

    Part 1
    R1: 1:40
    R2: 1:30
    R3: 1:30
    R4: 1:33
    R5: 1:50 😦
    R6: 1:46 😦
    R7: 1:21 <— tried to catch DV's time… nope!

    Part 2
    Midline work is hard.

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