Thursday Nov 9, 2017

Deana, Katie and Daria are SUPER pumped that today is already Bring a Friend Day- All classes are free to try for new Athletes

Teams of 2 – AMRAP 20:00 Minutes
1 Calorie Bike/ Row, 2- Wallballs
2 Calorie Bike/ Row, 4- Wallballs
3 Calorie Bike/ Row, 6- Wallballs

Partner 1 completes the first round, 1 Calorie + 2 Wallballs.
Partner 2 then does the same, 1 Calorie+ 2 Wallballs.
Partner 1 completes 2 Calories + 4 Wallballs, and tags it back to Partner 2 for the same.
Continue completing full rounds and adding (1) repetition to Calories and 2 reps to Wallballs until time is called.



4 thoughts on “Thursday Nov 9, 2017

  1. I had to work from home again so I had to do another garage workout. I tried wallballs but I don’t have a high ceiling in the garage and it was kind of cold to be outside. I ended up doing 20 minutes of burpees and 75lb thrusters. I did 1/1, 2/2, 3/3 etc. I rested between to simulate having a partner. I ended up completing the 14 round.

  2. Morning session partnered with Michelle – finished 12.5 rounds!

    Afternoon session with Jen + Brock – 11.5 rounds!

    EMOM 10 (5 deadlifts, 4 HPC, 3 PJ, 2 burpees) – 115#. Back was toast from yesterday!

    7 Rounds w/ Gabby, Ricky and Airwick:
    1:00 light row
    2 deficit HSPU

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