Thursday Nov 16, 2017


2 Sets:
5:00 Minute Bike 60-65rpm/50-55rpm
200ft Farmers Carry- HEAVY
20- L-Sit Flutter Kicks on Rings/ Floor
20- Banded Ring Muscle Ups
10- KB Single Leg RDL/per side

Rest 5:00 Minutes
2 Sets:
20- Banded Pull a-parts
20- Banded Good mornings
DB Shoulder-Overhead Complexes 45/30
3- Strict Press/per side
3- Push Press/ per side
3- Push Jerks/ per side
3:00 Minute: Row 1:55-2:00/2:10-2:15

Box Brief:
Saturday Nov 25, 2017- Beer Mile 11:00am-1:00pm


4 thoughts on “Thursday Nov 16, 2017

  1. My favourite kind of day. The unsexy stuff that makes everything else sexy!!

    Got 10 weighted pull ups with about 12lb in the vest. Definitely a PR never done a weighted pull up before 😊

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