Monday Nov 20, 2017


Teams of 3, “Waterfall Style” 5 Rounds each of:
10- Wallballs 30/20
20- Wallballs 20/14
30- Wallballs 14/10
Post scores to comments

Box Brief:
Saturday Nov 25, 2017- Beer Mile, 11:00am-1:00pm


11 thoughts on “Monday Nov 20, 2017

  1. Well, this went pretty much as expected. 🤮 Thankfully I had excellent partners in Matty and Eric C… We finished in 23:09, thanks for the encouragement on the final 30 reps!

    RIP legs (1977-2017)

  2. I wasn’t sure the workout could mentally get worse until T explained it wasn’t a rest til your partners were done it was constantly working! Mental challenge for sure
    Fun times with Nicole and jack and nothing better than suffering with your child
    NICOLE did rx
    Jack and I did 16,12,10
    20:19 was our time

  3. Did this one with Josh. We definitely pushed each other on this one – after all – it’s just wall balls!??

    Finished in 15:44 RX

  4. Hit this up with Mitch and Cody. We had a goal to make sure we all went unbroken on each set of WB. Mitch lead the team and we reached our goal.
    Such an awesome mental workout!!

    18:00min RX

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