Wednesday Nov 29, 2017


Snatch Medley
OTM for 5:00 Minutes: 6 Reps #135/#95
Rest 2 Minutes 
OTM for 5:00 Minutes: 4 Reps #155/#105 
Rest 2 Minutes
OTM for 5:00 Minutes: 3 Reps 185/#125
Rest 2 Minutes
OTM for 5:00 Minutes: 2 Reps 205/#145
Rest as needed then…
Work up to 3 Heavy singles for the day
Post loadings to comments 

Box Brief:
Holiday Social- Friday, December 1st – 7:00pm @ Stark and Perri


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Nov 29, 2017

  1. a really solid workout and day in the gym in general. Some great conversation pre wod and then really good directed instructions from Rach during the technique review/breakdown.

    #75, #95, #105, #115 for the rounds then PR’d at #135 for 4…

    got some actionable tips on how to get more comfortable getting under the bar.

    Plus handstand walking…but that’s just because I’m slightly obsessed right now.

  2. Not the best of performances for myself, got a bit too aggressive with weight scheme but I learned something new in the end of it!! Was a good 4:30 gang, as per usual!
    I would definitely like to try this again in the future.

  3. 55 -65 -80 -85
    Getting comfortable again with snatches

    Fun group as always
    Definitely read the wod wrong …. again…. I am considering an Interpreter 😂

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