Monday Dec 11, 2017


With a running clock: 0:00-16:00 Minutes
10 Rounds of
15/10 Calories Bike
3- Strict Pullups
16:00- 32:00 Minutes
10*8*6*4*2*: Parallette Handstand Pushups/Hand Release Pushups
* 10 GHD Situps/Toes-Bar/Knees-Elbows
32:00-47:00 Minutes
1 Round of
75- Power Cleans #135/#95
75- Bar facing burpees 
Post scores to comments for all 3 parts


4 thoughts on “Monday Dec 11, 2017

  1. I love these longer WODs that have been programmed lately! I got good and warmed up in part 1. Part 2 was fast. I hit up Parallette HSPU and GHD. Part 3 got spicy. I was able to complete the work using 135lbs for the cleans. The bar facing burpees left me pretty tired by the end.

  2. This one got really rowdy by the end…!

    Part 1: 14ish minutes on the bike + pull-ups.
    Part 2: HRPU and abmat sit-ups, shoulders were cooked by the end of this part.
    Part 3: Completed the cleans @ 95#, then 59 burpees.

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