Wednesday Dec 13, 2017

Matty reminding us to drink that water!… or he is posing?

P1. Spend 15:00 Minutes: Build up to a Heavy 3 Rep Back Squat
P2. Every 2:00 Minutes for 20:00 Minutes (10 Rounds)
10/5 Calorie Bike
10- DB Power Cleans #55/#40
Post scores/loadings to comments 



4 thoughts on “Wednesday Dec 13, 2017

  1. Great intensity! didn’t get the opportunity to train with the class today, went solo! -Rx
    Round1 :53 seconds
    Round2 :57 seconds
    Round3 :54 seconds
    Round4 :56 seconds
    Round5 :56 seconds
    Round6 :53 seconds
    Round7 :54 seconds
    Round8 :58 seconds
    Round9 :59 seconds
    Rund 10 :55 seconds

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