Tuesday Jan 2, 2018

Sharon warming up the 9:30am class

Part 1. 7 Rounds of Max Calories BIKE
:20 SPRINT/1:40 REST

Part 22 Rounds of:
AMRAP in 5:00 MinutesMAX REPS- Burpee Box Jumps
REST 5:00 Minutes
AMRAP in 5:00 Minutes
3- Bar Muscle ups
10- KB Swings 24kg/16kg
Post scores to comments

Box Brief:
Thursday Jan 11, 2018- Bring a Friend Day, All classes are free to try for new Athletes 


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Jan 2, 2018

  1. That was quite the start for the year. Part 1 – between 12 and 14 calories each round. Part 2 – 56, 4 rounds + 9 reps/52 5 rounds as Rx’d. Forearms were definitely the limiting factor on the muscle-ups KB swings.

  2. Part 1. 106 total calories
    Part 2.
    52 Reps
    6 Full rounds
    54 Reps
    6 Full rounds
    BIG UPS to the 9:30am crew for smashing out these little AMRAPS! and to Meg for that PR during the second part!
    OHHHH and Rachael you left your phone at the BOX

  3. SAVAGE workout to come back to after a week of warm weather and wine/rum. 😦

    80 cals on the bike / 40 reps stepping up / 4 rounds with C2B and 44# / 45 reps stepping up / 4 rounds + 5 reps with C2B and 44#

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