Friday Jan 12, 2018

Dave and Terrance

3 Rounds for time
15-12-9 Reps of:
Calories- Row/SkiERG
Thrusters #95/#65
REST 5:00 Minutes between rounds
Post scores for each round to comments 


8 thoughts on “Friday Jan 12, 2018

  1. Solid Wod . I was scared reading it but wasn’t as bad as it looks . Skierg and RX. 28:05.
    #Somuchfitness #betterthanyesterday #notevensweating #TripleB

  2. I hit this one up in my garage today. No rower at home so I used the treadmill. I came up with the distances based on how long I thought each of the rows would take. I did the following

    Three rounds for time of:
    0.15 mile run
    15 Thrusters @95lbs
    0.12 mile run
    12 Thrusters @95lbs
    0.09 mile run
    9 Thursters @95lbs
    Rest 5 minutes

    My total time was 24:50 including the rest. I left the treadmill running to avoid the super slow ramp up time. The only round of thrusters I broke up was the 12 on the third round into 9/3. Super intense WOD!

  3. The game plan was: just get it done, don’t put the bar down! I was slow on the row but it got done!
    Times: 5:40, 7, 6:10 minutes
    28:10 Rx

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