Thursday Jan 18, 2018

Ali, Sharon and Rachael 

On a 15:00 Minute Clock:
2KM Row, in remaining time, AMRAP of
8- Overhead Squats #115#80
8- Burpees over the bar
Post scores to comments 



7 thoughts on “Thursday Jan 18, 2018

  1. Shoulders were my weakest link today. I was able to complete the 2k row in about 7:45 and not feel too gassed. The OHS taxed the shoulders fast and made the reps hard. I managed to do all rounds unbroken but it took some willpower. I got 4 rounds + 3 OHS @115lbs

  2. I LOVE OHS! Thank you Coach Dave for this beauty 😀

    Coulda pushed myself harder in the AMRAP, but in retrospect…can’t we all? Finished with 4rounds +14 reps RX. Solid little squat session after with DV and Dave U. #NoOneCaresThough

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