Wednesday Jan 24, 2018

With a running clock:

0:00- 10:00 Mins: Deadlift- Build up to a Heavy set of 2 Reps
10:00-15:00 Mins: REST
15:00-35:00 Mins: “Marston” AMRAP in 20:00 Minutes
1- Deadlift #405/#285
10- Toes-Bar
15- Bar Facing Burpees
Post scores to comments

Box Brief:
Saturday Jan 27, 2018- Be Relentless 3.0 Competition- No scheduled classes


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Jan 24, 2018

  1. #225 with the rest Rx!
    5 rounds + 12 burpees

    Not my fastest but I’m pretty sure the last time I did this workout I did it with a #205 bar and hanging knee I’ll take it! 🐢

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