Tuesday Feb 13, 2018

Katie and Ali

Every 3:00 Minutes for 21:00 Minutes (7 Rounds)
21/15 Calories Bike
5- Clean and Jerks #205/#135
Post times for each round to comments 


11 thoughts on “Tuesday Feb 13, 2018

  1. Great little couplet! “Fast and Hard” Kept rounds consistent, adjusted loading after round 1 because it was not appropriate for me to use #205 in todays training. 🙂 thanks 7:30am crew for letting me train with you guys!
    R1. 2:17 (#205)
    R2. 1:48 (#185)
    R3. 1:48 (#185)
    R4. 1:57 (#185)
    R5. 1:57 (#185)
    R6. 1:59 (#185)
    R7. 1:50 (#185)

  2. Learning day for me!
    Worked at #125 but struggled to complete the rounds for most of the workout. Lesson: learn to scale to how I’m feeling 🐢🐢
    I liked this one!

  3. I fully expected what happened and how challenging this was going to be….. not sure that helped though haha
    Great group at 4:30 there is nothing better than suffering with people suffering around you 🙈
    I did 95lb for every round and was a good weight
    I did 15 cals for the first 3 rounds then 12, 10,10,15

  4. I had to do the same as Sharon. Maybe it was because we were side-by-side – suffering together.

    Barbell felt good after the first round at #205 but the bike was kicking my butt today.
    21 cals for the first 3 rounds, then I went to 15 for 4, 5, 6 and back to 21 for the last round.

    Checked the ego behind and did what I could for the day. Still had a good workout!!

  5. Tough workout here today, especially when you think the standard is 7 C&J per round and it is only 5… 😛

    Did 21 calories each round on the bike, then 6, 5, 5, 4, 4, 3 and 5 C&J @ 115#.

  6. SO. HARD.

    but so good! I went too heavy at 185#, but I’m happy I stuck with it since i usually go lighter.

    21 cal, 3 c+j
    21 cal, 4 c+j
    18 cal, 4 c+j
    18 cal, 4 c+j
    18 cal, 4 c+j
    18 cal, 3 c+j
    18 cal, 5 c+j

    made up all the clean and jerks after class 🙂

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