Wednesday June 13, 2018

Yup.. thats #100 on the bar… Eric and Eric.. 🙂

In Teams of 2, With a running clock starting at 0:00- 15:00 Minutes, perform 2 rounds of:
2.0 KM Bike
30- Chest- Bar Pullups
18- Squat Snatches #155/#105
from 15:00-30:00 Minutes, perform 2 rounds of: 
18- Squat Snatches #155/#105
30- Chest-Bar Pullups
2.0KM Bike
Partition reps and distance as needed with you and your partner.
Post scores to comments 


2 thoughts on “Wednesday June 13, 2018

  1. Hit this up with Jay – Squat Snatches at 115lbs – Round 1 in 13:34, round 2 in 14:19. Bike got miserable at the end.

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