Tuesday July 17, 2018


Squat Cleans: Bottom Position
When athletes use momentum from the top of the squat, it often results in them compromising their midline in the bottom.
The three second pause on the front squat takes this “bounce” or “crash” out of the movement.
Will it feel more difficult with the pause? Absolutely. However, practicing this will help with absolute strength in the squat and in maintaining proper core to extremity movements, such as the front squats, Thrusters and even Wallballs.

For Time, In Teams of 2
18*14*10* Reps: Squat Cleans #225/#155
*100 Double Unders after each set (Both partners can work at the same time)
Time Cap 20:00 Minutes
Post scores to comments 


5 thoughts on “Tuesday July 17, 2018

  1. I did this solo with half the reps for the cleans in my parents driveway. I started with 205 lbs and then dialled it down to 185 lbs after I’d completed 10 reps. I finished with 2 minutes to spare.

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