Saturday Sept 8, 2018

 Jason priming his shoulders for some snatches

AMRAP in 20:00 Minutes, In Teams of 2:
*200m Run
50- Alt, DB Snatch 50lbs/35lbs
50ft Handstand Walk/each
*Must run together
– Partition reps with the DB Snatch as needed with your partner
– Waterfall format with handstand walking

Box Brief:
Starting Monday September 10, 2018- Barbell Club with Bhillie at 6:30pm


One thought on “Saturday Sept 8, 2018

  1. Thanks for the amazing programming. Division is where it’s at. People are driving 45min to come to this box.

    Justin and I did this together for 3+25 DB snatches.

    We miss ya!

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