Tuesday Oct 30, 2018

“UP” Took best costumes at our Annual Halloween Team Challenge

For Time, In Teams of 2:
50/30-35/20-20/10 Calorie Bike
30-20-10 Reps: Squat Cleans #225/#155
REST 5:00 Minutes
30-20-10 Reps: Squat Cleans #225/#155
50/30-35/20-20/10 Calorie Bike
*Partition reps and calories as needed
Post scores and loadings to comments 

Box Brief
**Save the Date**
Thursday Nov 1, 2018- Bring a Friend Day- All classes are free to try for new Athletes 


One thought on “Tuesday Oct 30, 2018

  1. That was a serious dose of fitness this morning. I partnered up with Ben. We decided on a weight of 185lbs and made it though the 20 cleans in round two before the 35 minute time cap.

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