Tuesday Nov 20, 2018


In Teams of 2- For Time-16 Rounds of:
6 Power Cleans #185/#125

2 Rope Climbs (No Jump)
Partition reps as neededOne Athlete working at a time.
Post scores and loadings to comments

Rope Climbs “Clamp – Stand – Reach”
It is common on the rope climb to see the right things happen, but in the wrong order. What often happens is athletes clamp their feet, but try to pull themselves up with the arms and stand with the legs at the same time. Rather than using the arms to pull the body weight up, athletes can think about clamping the the feet, standing all the way up with the legs, and finally reaching the arms to full extension overhead.
Coming Down
The way down can be more challenging for many athletes than they way up. We often think about going up the rope efficiently, but going down efficiently also gains back a ton of time and saves the arms and some energy. The more friction on the way down, the slower athletes will descend. The less friction, the faster they will descend. This all depends on how tight the feet are gripping the rope. Bringing the feet apart a little bit will be a slower descent than a wider separation. The hands should never slide down together, as that can lead to some nasty burns. Going hand over hand is the more common option, while letting go and re-gripping is also an option for those more confident with their falling abilities.

Box Brief:
Friday Nov 30, 2018- Holiday Party at Stark and Perri- 7:00pm until it gets weird! 


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